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Elizabeth Bower

Vintage Drop Earrings

Description: Elegant Deco inspired linear Swarovski crystal drop earring


Length: 1.75"
Width: .5"

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Rose Gold

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Loved these! Just what I was looking for, The gage is a bit large though

These were the perfect earrings to go with my dress. I loved the teardrop shape - very flattering. The color is a slightly darker silver, but I think that made them nice and understated with just the right amount of glam. I do agree with the other review that the gage of the earring was pretty big. When I first put them on, it felt uncomfortable and a bit heavy (but I don't wear big earrings very often). I rented them for 4 days, so I wore them for about half an hour every day before my big day. I also slept with small stud earrings to get my ears used to the larger gage. I wore them for 8 hours on my big day and they were totally comfortable and looked amazing.

These earrings are beautiful!

These earrings are beautiful! I loved wearing them. One thing that was not as expected was the gage of the earring. It was quite big. At first I thought I would not be able to get them in but when a friend helped we were able to and I did not find them to be uncomfortabe. I was just surprised and concerned at first by the gage.