Elizabeth Comb


Brand Brides & Hairpins

This stunning crystal hair comb with dozens of fresh water pearl accents is a Brides & Hairpins stunner!

  • Hand wired to either a champagne-gold, classic-silver or antique-platinum metal hair clip.

  • Hand wired Swarovski crystal with fresh water pearl accents

  • Can be worn in any position on the head to delicately adorn any hairstyle

  • Available in three colors as shown individually in all images

  • The last image showcases all three colors in detail


The color is defined in the headband and metal plating/wiring. Please note that the Swarovski crystals, beads and pearls are the same color in all the color setting choices.

Please see last image to compare the colors from top to bottom:

Antique-Platinum: This color headpiece is for the bride who loves pieces that are ageless and she has an appreciation for all things from the past.   These pieces are created with Rhodium plating to give it that dark, antique silver look.  It holds the distinction of being the world's most expensive precious metal.   Antique - Platinum plating is fabulous because it is glittering, dazzling, and makes the crystals stand out. *Special Order - please email us if interested!*

Champagne-Gold: This color headpiece is for the bride who loves all things vintage.  Champagne - Gold evokes luxury, elegance, warmth and delicacy.  The color plating is subtle.  The gold hue shines through, but does not over power.  Champagne - Gold is also a beautiful choice to wear if your bridal colors are warm. 

Classic-Silver: This color headpiece is for the bride who loves pieces that are classic, simple and elegant.  This hue is timeless, traditional, and one of the most popular colors.  Classic - Silver is very versatile.  It is shiny, modern and hi-tech as well as alluring, sparkling and elegant.