Happily Ever Borrowed Basics

Just search by accessory, by designer or by style (You can find your bridal style here!) Decide where you need a 4 or 8 day rental, pick your rental start date and checkout!  It's that simple! 

We want to be your "something borrowed", and we want that borrowed bling to be something utterly fabulous! It is our mission to give you your dream bridal accoutrements without subjecting you to unrealistic price tags and an unnecessary lifetime possession. We believe the most important attire you ever wear should not be controlled by financial limitations and then left to serve an unfortunate sentence in the back of your dusty closet. It should be extracted from your passions and fulfill your desire for exclusivity. Your wedding day is a moment of awe, and we believe in maximizing such a moment. Borrow the bridal accessories of your dreams and never regret the one-time wear!

Anywhere in the USA!

Can't decide which accessory is for you?  Choose any 3 items on the site for your hair trial or dress fitting for only $50!  When you return those pieces to us (Send Before You Spend option is a 2 day rental) you receive $25 towards your wedding day rental!  Just pick any 3 pieces for your cart with the Send Before You Spend option and your cart will automatically update to just $50! Want more info? Click here! 

Planning Your Rental

Happily Ever Borrowed can accommodate you from a few days to one year before your wedding! Contrary to other bridal salons, our rentals are not confined by traditional and lengthy lead times. But we do recommend placing your rental order ASAP so that it does not get rented by someone else!  

We suggest 2 days before your wedding.  For example, if your wedding is on a Saturday,  we recommend your rental start date to be Thursday.  After the party is over, just pack up your item and ship it back to us Monday morning!

Your rental period begins the day your order is delivered to your doorstep. We offer a 4 day or 8 day rental period. For example, if you select to have your pieces delivered on a Friday, that is your start date and you would need to ship it back to us by Monday. In effort to obtain accuracy in tracking, we ask that you postmark your dress back to us by noon on the last day of your rental. If your rental period ends on Sunday or holiday it needs to be postmarked the following business day.  If you need additional days, please organize with us in advance of your order. 

Just check the rental calendar on the item page. If it's not greyed out, it's good to go!

So long as a secured address is provided and a notified recipient can vouch for your delivery, we can ship to any location.

Order Details

Happily Ever Borrowed provides one complimentary return label per order. If you misplace the label, it is your responsibility to send the order back by the required due date at your own expense. Email us before your due date for the return label or ship to: Happily Ever Borrowed, 1250 NW Kearney St. #516, Portland, OR 97209

If you do not return our sustainable packaging, you will be charged $50. 

Cancellations of orders are allowed up to 1 week prior to your shipment date. If you would like to cancel your order, please email contact@happilyeverborrowed.com for a refund. 

If you are un-happy with the item once your receive it, please contact us immediately at contact@happilyeverborrowed.com.  If the pieces ship back to us before your wedding date, we will refund you if you are unsatisfied! 

If you notice a delay in your tracking information, please let us know ASAP!  Please know that we do our best to ensure shipment in a prompt and timely manner, but sometimes the USPS delays in service are out of our control.  If you let us know that you see a delay in shipment, we will do our best to overnight another piece to you if we can! 

Once your Cinderella moment is fulfilled, returns are on us! Just ship it back to us with the complimentary return label we provided and drop it in any USPS mailbox. There’s no need to iron or clean the item — we’ll take care of any reasonable wear and tear. Make sure you post the package by no later than 12pm on the return date. If your return date falls on a Sunday or a holiday, it must be postmarked first thing the following business day. It is important that we receive the item back on time so we can ensure availability for the next Cinderella moment!

In shipping our veils can become creased or wrinkled.  Please only use a steamer to remove wrinkles from your veil.  Using an iron will burn holes through the veil!


Don’t worry! We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable and beyond your control. In very rare and unfortunate situations, a rental may experience irreparable damages (our lovely bride got caught in red velvet cake fight, etc.) or go completely missing altogether. Should these travesties occur, your credit card would be charged the full retail value (the "own it" price) which is acknowledged in the rental agreement when you check-out. But a rip in the veil smaller than dime-sized? You're all good! 

The borrowing possibilities of every piece are contingent upon reliable returns. As a result, we charge a late fee of 5% the retail price for each additional day your accessory is not returned. We are grateful for you making us your something borrowed and appreciate you being mindful of the next bride.

Unfortunately we only purchase accessories and we only buy them directly from our designers.  If you want to re-sell your dress or accessories, there are plenty of other sites to sell to! 

Each piece is HAND CLEANED between rentals and comes with 100% assurance that your rental will look sparkly and fresh when you receive it!  Veils can potentially have very tiny tears in them over time, but we will never send you anything that would be noticeable to any guest! 

You certainly can do that! Just checkout using the "Own It" option on the product page to pay for the accessory. Please note there are NO RETURNS on "Own It" items. We recommend using our Send Before You Spend Box if you want to try it before you buy it!