Happily Ever Borrowed, rentable bridal accessories

From time to to time, we maybe can get too comfortable;


Too comfortable with the way we look, the way we feel and the way that we do business. And as yesterday was September 5th, which un-officially marks the end of summer and going "Back to School", we felt it was time to refresh ourselves just a little bit.  We put on our best "First Day of School" outfit and we cleaned ourself up to bring in the new year right. 


So you'll notice a couple of minor site tweaks that might make you think - "Damn...Check out her post summer glow!"


- Our reviews page is updated so you can see the hundreds (over 700 brides...brushing our shoulders off...) of reviews that our previous brides have shared

- We refreshed some of our site photography to give you better examples of how our pieces look in multiple hairstyles (any many more of these, plus videos to come)

- We updated our FAQ's on the "How It Works" page! Making it simpler and easier to find answers to all of your questions

- Bridal market is in October when we'll see new all new goodies for this season and we'll be adding more and more gorgeous accessories to the site!

- And the most obvious...this is a "new" blog!  We used to have a tumblr, but I haven't written personally to everyone in quite some time and I felt like, you guys might want to hear a little bit more on what I'm doing, every day, to make the experience better for you as as bride!


We hope everyone is settling into September and is ready to tackle the rest of 2017! 

xoxo <3





September 06, 2017 by Brittany Finkle