The Best Accessories for Eclectic Brides

Maybe you just don't have your "bridal style" down.  And that is TOTALLY ok! You love mason jars, but also love crystal goblets? You love mixing rose gold with silver? You want your husband to ride in on a horse and you'd like to arrive via helicopter? No problem. We've got a roundup of our most eclectic pieces for our brides who don't want to coin their bridal style as anything except "me"! 

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We're obsessed with the Honeycomb Veilfor brides who want something simple but different.  While it's a classic double layer veil, the tulle is knit in a larger honeycomb pattern rather than your traditional tulle. It's a classic shape with a fabulous unique texture!

Another simple shape with an interesting fabric is our Pippa Veil.  Made of silk tulle, the fabric flows in a sultry drape and has a more opaque fabric look as opposed to sheer tulle.  It's one of our most popular veils for brides who want something simple, but different! 

We also love our Chelsea Veil which has a unique embroidery at the edges of our veil. While usually embellishment is around the entire bottom edge, this pattern is placed perfectly on the outside edges to give a surprise to anyone who is looking close!


Maybe you're not sure if a headpiece is right for you.  That's why we LOVE the Sophie which is a 3-in-1 accessory which can be worn as a headpiece, belt, or necklace!  You can even switch it up between your ceremony & reception to give a completely different look throughout your day!

We love the Parisian Headpiecebecause it's so simple, includes pearls & rhinestones and is the perfect size to fit in any bridal hairstyle! 

The Jasmine Pearl Band is our number 1 rented piece!  We think it's because it's perfect for EVERY bride.  No words necessary, it's just everything a woman needs in a bridal headpiece. 


We have so many simple earrings that can work for any bridal look, but we love the Moonlight Drop Earrings.  The perfect size and available in a unique gold and moonstone, we think they're a gorgeous addition to any style. 

The Paige Bracelet is also one of our new favorites.  A bit modern, a bit trendy and a bit eclectic, it's a great look for any type of bride! 

Another one of our best sellers is the Josephine Necklace.  It's PERFECT for a strapless gown and is exceptionally beautiful for adding a bit of sparkle to your day. 

Josephine Necklace, Sara Gabriel, Happily Ever Borrowed


So there you have it our eclectic brides! No matter what your bridal style, we think these pieces will dazzle with every bride.  Remember you can rent all these gorgeous pieces for up to 80% off the retail price and you can always try any 3 pieces on our site for just $50! Read more about our Send Before You Spend Box!