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Maybe you just don't have your "bridal style" down.  And that is TOTALLY ok! You love mason jars, but also love crystal goblets? You love mixing rose gold with silver? You want your husband to ride in on a horse and you'd like to arrive via helicopter? No problem. We've got a roundup of our most eclectic pieces for our brides who don't want to coin their bridal style as anything except "me"! 
Let's get real. Sparkle makes us feel good, and for glam brides, it's the jelly to their peanut butter and the yin to their yang. Is your mantra the more glitter the better? Then read on to discover our favorite pieces for your sparkle party!
Using your flower powers, you thrive on the earth and all things flora and fauna.  We've rounded up our favorite hippie chic, boho bombshell pieces to inspire your wedding day look! 
As we're counting down to the next Royal Wedding, we're rounding up the best accessories for our classic & sophisticated brides.
We've compiled the best veils, hair accessories and jewelry for our beachy brides!