Get the Look - Borrowed & Blue!

Ok - so maybe I'm a little biased - but I was obsessed with my wedding day look, and now, you can rent the items that I wore on my big day!  Here is the story of how the Fairy Godmother of Wedding Rentals (self-appointed nickname) found her very own rentable accessories for her wedding. 

It all started with a vision of ombre.  The Constance Veil by Sara Gabriel which we picked up at bridal market made me totally swoon.  I knew blush was having it's moment, but seeing as I was getting married at Lake George, I had visions of blue from the moment we decided. The sky color of this veil basically then formed my entire bridal look! (Thanks Sara G!)

constance veil sara gabriel

Fast forward to wedding dress shopping with the one and only Hayley Paige.  Lucky for me, Hayley and I have major history, and studied design together at Cornell, dated 2 best friends together (not our now husbands...) and even conceptualized Happily Ever Borrowed...together!

I first tried on her Lumi gown which I was loving since the first moment I saw it walk the runway at her show. However, long sleeves in July sounded a little rough, and it might have been a little too much sparkle for our outdoor lake motif.  

lumi hayley paige

Number 2 I had tried on was Mom's choice. She saw it on a mannequin and just pointed and said...that one. And that was it!  The Rae gown was light as a feather and I definitely had that "this is the one" moment! 

rae gown hayley paige

I turned to Hayley and said..."Could you do Rae...but in blue?" And her eyes lit up, she said "Heck Yes I Can" and that was it!  

Literally 2 dresses and I was done. My mother, mother-in-law and sister were just was almost too easy!

Fast forward to dress fittings and I knew the Constance Veil was the one for me. But upon trying it on with the gown, which was now blue, it was just a bit too dark.  I was heartbroken!  The piece I had planned my entire wedding around didn't work out like I wanted! But I kept my bridechilla. Hayley said, "Let me try ombre-ing a veil for you! It's something I've wanted to try" And voila - my fairy god-sistah made me a gorgeous ombre veil that was a lighter shade and blended perfectly into my gown. 

And it can be yours too! Here! 

hayley veil

Now what about the bling?!

I was so lucky that one of my favorites, Lindsie at Haute Bride was hopping on board to create a necklace that could match perfectly with the Rae gown.  She was so excited to pick up on the tones of blues with moonlight and opal crystals and carries the dress in her own boutique so she could envision it perfectly!  Seriously, any ladies who have a low back dress - you need a lariat! Check out the necklace that you can rent below! 

 brittany necklace, haute bride 

haute bride

Last but not least, I absolutely loved my Twigs & Honey hairpiece which was a game-time decision!  I thought it gave a natural look, an homage to the woodsy, lakeside vibe and had mixed metals which is my absolute favorite.  You can rent the headpiece here


And there you have it!  I wish I could have worn EVERYTHING on the site, but there was only so much time in the day!  


If you have any styling questions, I'm happy to help!  Feel free to email me personally at to receive some one-on-one style advice to get the dream look you've been desiring!

 Oh and by the way - if you want GORGEOUS wedding photos from the best photographer...check out the wizardry of Amy Anaiz



October 16, 2017 by Brittany Finkle